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- If you found us by chance, while browsing the Internet, please check our Media Gallery ( about parasitoid wasps and its caterpillar hosts. Hopefully you will feel compelled to check for more details provided in this site.

- If you are here because of your intereste in Nature (and caterpillars and parasitoids), that is great! Please, check our Citizen Science tab ( and see how easily you can contribute useful and novel information about parasitoid wasps. There is a page devoted to promote the rearing of parasitoids from caterpillars, with simple to follow instructions.

- If you work in Biological Control of caterpillar pests, or carry out researches on biodiversity of parasitoid wasps, or if you are a taxonomist interested in Braconidae, this site provides a wealth of information about one of the main groups of caterpillars parasitoids: the Microgastrinae wasps.

- We keep a 'Live Counter' of microgastrines, with real-time display of the new species as they are being described. This is complemented by a full list of the world genera and species, pictures, descriptions, ecological, biological and molecular data as comprehensive as possible. New content is added on a regular basis, and the goal is to have the greatest coverage for the group and most updated site devoted to Microgastrinae that is available.

- There are several lists of species compiled for several regions/areas of the planet, with new information being added constantly. We are happy to star new checklists and new research projects for particular regions as requested.

Please, fell free to browse the site and leave your comments. We are willing to add new content that may be of interest, and are also open to any criticism that helps improve the quality of the data presented here.

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